Hong Rui Construction Pte Ltd (the “Company”) is a leading manufacturer and builder with a long
and successful track record of delivering and installing a portfolio of residential and commercial
projects. Since its inception in 2012, Hong Rui Construction charts 10 years of success in offering
a full spectrum of services including Wooden and Metal Doors, Metal Gates, Digital Locks and
Installation solutions.

Hong Rui Construction Pte Ltd is a nationally recognized Bizsafe 3 Company. The Company is
vigilant in its responsibility in Workplace Safety and Health management and its capabilities. This
includes having sound safe management practice and responsive risk management strategies for
both internal and external factors.

Hong Rui Construction Pte Ltd is listed under the Housing and Development Board (“HDB”)
Directory of Renovation Contractors. As an exemplary contractor, the Company has managed
to remain free of any penalties or demerits from its incorporation. This distinct appointment shows
that the Company and its management has been trained, active and maintained a good track record
within the industry.